Macoun 2013: MapKit Clustering Techniken (German)

Posted by Claus · 9th November 2013

Vortrag auf der Macoun 2013 in Frankfurt über Mapkit Clustering Techniken.


Der Einstieg in MapKit ist einfach, doch wer viele Markierungen anzeigen will stößt schon bald an die Grenzen des Machbaren. Der Vortrag zeigt am Beispiel der quelloffenen iPhone App “Stolpersteine”, wie man mehrere Tausend Markierungen auf einem MKMapView flüssig anzeigen kann.

Schweres Erbe: Modernisierung einer geerbten iOS-App (German)

Posted by Claus · 11th March 2013

Meine Präsentation über unsere Erfahrungen, die eBay Kleinanzeigen App zu modernisieren: MobileTech Con Spring 2013.

Testing C++ Code with UnitTest++ on Android

Posted by Claus · 16th September 2010

I’m sure you’ve come across a unit testing framework or two. At least with me, the concept of running automated tests to make sure that changes don’t break my code, caught on very quickly.

My favourite unit testing framework for C++ code is UnitTest++, which I’ve been using for a while now. Because of recently announced additional features in UnitTest++ that make it easier to run tests on Android, I’m outlining here the steps to get your unit tests running on Google’s mobile operating system.
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Freeplay 2010

Posted by Claus · 12th August 2010

Questions about game development? I’ll be chairing Freeplay’s Ask a Game Developer panel on Sunday, August 15, in Melbourne.

New Book Contributions

Posted by Claus · 4th March 2010

The books Game Programming Gems 8 and More iPhone Cool Projects – with chapter contributions written by me – are now available for pre-order. 2009 in Hobart

Posted by Claus · 25th January 2009

Slides of my talk at the 2009 conference in Hobart are now available on the Gaming Miniconf web site.